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A New Perspective Of Prayer

I’ve always been fascinated by the life story of Daniel in the Old Testament. He was such a strong man of God in a time where his faith was consistently being tested by terrible circumstances. He was a man of conviction and prayer and he believed that if he dedicated himself to God and asked for revelation, he would receive his ability to prophesy to Israel on God’s behalf. In Daniel 10, he tells of a time where he fasts and asks God for revelation for three weeks and then has an amazing vision of a messenger from the Almighty. The messenger said something that has always stuck with me, but until recently, I hadn’t really experienced the perspective of it. He said that Daniel’s prayer had been heard, but the reason that it took three weeks for him to deliver the revelation was that he was detained doing some spiritual warfare stuff in another realm! Talk about TMORI (Too Much Other Realm Information)! It’s hard to wrap our brains around things happening in the heavenly realms that affect our lives, prayers and answers.

A couple of years ago during the Christmas holidays, I had an appendix rupture and being a stubborn, Robertson man with high pain tolerance, it took me a week to get it properly diagnosed and dealt with. I could easily have died, but the Almighty looked out for me and kept me safe and the prayers of many were delivered by a quick recovery. Like most of you, I only saw things happening in my bubble of being sick, asking for prayers and hoping for delivery. What I didn’t see or think about was that there may have been a spiritual war going on someplace else that involved my appendix and my amazingly quick recover. I was in the hospital for three days with a drain tube making sure we got all of the bad stuff out (I know-TMI) and Lisa and I had a speech in South Carolina planned for 8 days later for a very important Right to Life event there. We sent them an email making them aware that I was probably not going to be able to make it out to speak. What I didn’t know was that a woman had called their headquarters a few weeks earlier claiming to be a demoniac who hated the prolife group and said she would “call on all her resources” to make sure that the event never took place. The executive director of the group was a woman of faith and prayer, but she was also afraid. She called the police about the threat, thinking at first only from a physical harm perspective, but the more she thought about it, she realized this woman was elevating the battle to another realm of good and evil. Things began to happen and plans began to change and this woman of God  began to call on prayer warriors to pray and ask God to send help in this battle for something good that was obviously going to happen during this prolife weekend. This is where my ruptured appendix and seemingly inability to make the event comes in. When she and her prayer warriors got Lisa’s email, they went into overdrive in asking for a quick and “miraculous” healing for us to come to SC because they believed that something really powerful was going to happen if we were able to make it. Well….I had an amazing recovery that my doctor told me was very unusual and 8 days after major surgery and a lot of prayer, Lisa and I were on that airplane to SC.

When we learned of all this from the good folks at this event, we realized that spiritual warfare can involve you from over 1500 miles way! That gave me a whole new perspective of praying for others and that crazy vision in Daniel 10. Some of the conversations we had with the folks that heard our speech and testimony let Lisa and I know that we really did need to be in SC that weekend and prayers made it happen. One pastor’s wife told Lisa that her story mirrored Lisa’s, but she had never had the courage to talk about until now. That one change of perspective for her could have been the whole reason we needed to be there. We’ll never know this side of heaven, but I know my perspective was broadened and I am grateful for prayer warriors!

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