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by: Al and Lisa Robertson

Okay! We apologize for the Kool and The Gang reference, but when we think about our story, we can’t help but celebrate. Big time! Party time!

We don’t revel in our moral and spiritual failures.  Not at all.  We love our testimony, but we would rather have another one that didn’t involve abuse, betrayal, and sin.  Going through the pain of submitting to God as he repaired a fractured marriage is not something we want to go through again.

However, since we both went down that road (separately and then together), we love to applaud the work that God did in us – in spite of us. When we read the story of the prodigal son, we realized that when we pursue God, he forgets our failures and honors the work he has done in us.

One of the chapters from our latest book is titled, Living a Life of Forgiveness.  In this chapter, we discussed thirteen disciplines that empower us to live a life of forgiveness.  One of those disciplines is that we learn to celebrate victories over sin. This is not the same as remembering our failures and continuing to live lives of guilt and shame.  Rather, it is remembering that we were broken beyond anything we could do to repair it, but that our mess wasn’t beyond what God was able to repair once we submitted our lives and our marriage to his care and control.

We’ve been asked, “Why do you air your dirty laundry in such vivid detail?”

The answer to that question is two-fold.

 For one thing, we began to share our testimony in hopes that others would clearly see that where they are in the present is not where they can be once they agree to be led by God.  We wanted people to have hope – to know that just because their marriage (or any area of their life) is jacked up right now, that our God is the God of changed lives.  We want them to know that God can do the miraculous when we quit trying to fix it with the same old worn out strategies we’ve always used.

The second reason we “air our dirty laundry” is that when we compare our failures with the mighty work that God has done in our lives, his name is glorified.  We believe that God’s name is honored among those in the heavenly realms when we submit to him and he begins a supernatural work in us. In other words, we want to be an example of the work God can do once we stop making it all about us and instead make it all about him.

So here’s the message we want to get out – even though we probably don’t know you personally and probably never will, we want our story to inspire you in the midst of your situation (which probably seems hopeless) to admit that you have failed.  Our hope is that you will then turn your life and marriage over to God, agree to be mentored by him, and pray that he will make something awesome and marvelous out of the mess you’ve made.

Don’t give up! And by all means, don’t wallow in your failures.  Learn to celebrate the victories that God has won in your life no matter how small they may seem at the moment. 

Trust us on this! God has bigger things in store for you.

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