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How Desperate Are You?

There’s a chapter I wrote in our latest book, DESPERATE FORGIVENESS, where I ask this very question – How desperate are you?

The reason I chose this title for this particular chapter is because unless we come to the place where we realize that we are completely out of options and have nowhere to turn but to our Lord and Savior Jesus, we aren’t in a position where we can receive complete healing and grace.

In a sense though, asking you how desperate you are is sort of like asking a woman how pregnant she is. Either she’s pregnant, or she isn’t. It’s an either/or proposition. The same is true of desperation. When you are desperate, you are all in. You’re willing to do whatever you need to do to get what you want..what you need. The problem with being desperate is that it often leads us to make wrong decisions. When we know we need some kind of relief from the misery and chaos of a godless life but don’t know “what” we need, we often turn to counterfeits. Like a sailor stranded on the high seas who hasn’t had fresh water for days on end – the salt water begins to look like a solution. Only it isn’t. Drinking salt water just because we are desperately thirsty only makes our thirst worse.

And that’s the problem with desperation. If we embrace falsehoods and lies (which come straight from the pits of hell), we will never fill the void in our empty hearts. We will only find ourselves slinking deeper and deeper into despair. More of the same things that caused our disease in the first place isn’t going to make us better – only worse.

The desperation that we are talking about is much different. It is rooted in the realization that everything we’ve clung to up to this point in our countless efforts to “get our act together” has failed because those things were not rooted in the One who gives us the way, the truth, and the life.

New life – I mean a radically different life that has no resemblance to the old one – can only be found in falling down before our Creator, pleading for his grace to wash over us, and committing to follow him wherever he leads us. It is holding out our hands and saying, “See God, I have nothing at all to offer you, but I need you more than I need my next breath of fresh air. Please have mercy on me!”

Desperation – like when you’ve been under water too long and your lungs are bursting for another blast of oxygen rich air. You are so desperate that you will fight with everything in you to reach the surface so that you can live another day.

And when you are desperate for forgiveness, you will do whatever you need to do to find God’s mercy and have him pour it over you like a bucket of water. You will go wherever he sends you, give up whatever he tells you to surrender, and put yourself in the presence of godly counselors and pastors who will help you navigate the rough and murky waters of repentance.

Yes, when you are desperate enough to do this, then you are ready for God’s healing and grace. But not until then.

Begin to plead with God now that he will immediately release you from any reluctance to surrender to him completely. Until you do, you will continue to live a life of frustration and despair. Do it now!

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