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I’m Not Voting for a Debater in Chief. I’m Voting for Trump Because He Fights for the Unborn

By: Lisa Robertson

Well, the first 2020 presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Trump is in the books now. And what a fun time we all had Tuesday night, right?

Truthfully, I was a little embarrassed by the whole spectacle. My mind kept going back to when my kids were little and they’d get to fighting in the back seat of our car on the way to the beach. At some point, Al would pull the car to the side of the road, and I would retrieve the wooden spoon I kept between the seats for just such occasions. I don’t have to tell you the outcome … you know.

No, I was sorely disappointed in both of the boys. I thought I was in a middle school boys’ locker room listening to two kids trash talk one another.

So, since nothing of substance came out of the “debate” Tuesday night, how will I decide to vote?

First of all, this is not something I am confused about. I don’t decide to vote for someone based on looks, personality, or likability. Voting for someone based on superficial criteria like these is no better than flipping a coin. When I vote that way, I’m not thinking about who would be better for our country.

I’m not a constitutional scholar or a political science major, but our founders didn’t leave the welfare of our nation in the hands of professionals. They wisely trusted us — voters like you and me — with holding politicians accountable. In addition, the documents they wrote to guide us were not written in high-handed language that common people could not understand. These were the people’s documents. These documents are so simple, we can all “get it.”

So when I vote, I consider a couple of things. The most important thing I think about before I vote is, does my candidate understand that our founders firmly believed in the sanctity of life? Do they understand what our founders understood — that “ALL” people have value because they were “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”? I not only want to know that they understand it, but I also want to know how serious they are about protecting the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for everyone, not just a select few.

My candidates will do more than give lip service to this. They will show that they are committed to it in the way they govern. And nothing shows how committed they are to life for all than who they choose for the federal courts.

As I watched that cringe-worthy “debate,” it occurred to me in the midst of it that only one of those misbehaving boys has actually put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the rights of the unborn — and that would be President Trump. The people he has nominated to the federal courts have been men and women who believe the Constitution means what it says — that God has “endowed” all people with “unalienable” rights. If you are on American soil, you have these rights whether the government chooses to recognize them or not.

Unfortunately, since Roe v. Wade, we have been dishonoring the promise our Founding Fathers made to all human beings. Since 1973, over 60 million of our fellow citizens have been legally executed in their mothers’ wombs. Sixty million human beings who were promised by our founders that their right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” would not be “infringed.”

Call me a single-issue voter if you like. I don’t mind because that is just what I am. I don’t see how America can survive a holocaust like abortion — 60 million unborn babies killed before they ever drew a breath. Abortion tells our kids that life is not precious and holy. It tells them that life can be dispensed with whenever we feel like it.

Mother Teresa said it best: “We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left for us but to kill each other?”

And what are we seeing unfold before our eyes at this very moment in history? Violence is destroying our cities and creeping out into the rest of the nation, that’s what. We shouldn’t be surprised at this — or even at the tone of the debate this week. This is what America has become … at least for now. We have been telling our kids for almost 50 years that life is not precious, that we can destroy people who are inconvenient or irritating or even if we simply find them unattractive or they have something that we covet.

Kill them! That’s been our message. It’s still the message of the people Joe Biden represents. It is clearly the message of Kamala Harris who supports late-term abortions right up until the time of birth.

Doesn’t concern you? Well, it should. Today it’s babies who are in the way. Tomorrow it could be 50-year-old women with breast cancer. We could argue that their treatment is a drain on the system, so it’s better for us to exterminate them. Or it could be anyone over 65 or anyone born with cerebral palsy. It could be you and people like you. We don’t really need a reason in a culture like ours. Whatever we decide and the courts agree to will be the law of the land.

So Al and I will be casting our votes for Donald Trump. We aren’t voting for him because we need a moral guide or because we like his personality. We are enthusiastically voting for him because he has promised — and he’s already demonstrated — that he is willing to fight for the right to life for the unborn.

That’s good enough for me. I just wish he had taken the opportunity Tuesday night to make his case more strongly for life to the American people.

Image: Gage Skidmore on Flickr | Some rights reserved.

  • Marsha Griffin
    October 6, 2020at8:27 pm

    Thank you Lisa for putting into words what so many others feel and believe! I’ll be casting my vote for Trump too and make no apologies. All of us need to be more courageous and speak up.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

    October 6, 2020at9:00 pm

    I believe you have said all that needs to be said straight to point 👍

  • Jackie Minniti
    October 6, 2020at9:56 pm

    Thank you, Lisa, for your insightful and heartfelt commentary, You have summed up my feelings perfectly. Our most fundamental, God-given right is the right to life. President Trump may have his failings – as we all do, since we are sinners living in a fallen world – but no president has been more staunchly and vocally pro-life, God has always used flawed people to do His will – King David, for example – and I believe this is what He is doing with President Trump. My family and I will be joining you and Al in casting our votes for President Trump in November, for the good of all Americans – the born and the unborn.

    • Marti Eads
      October 7, 2020at1:20 pm

      King David repented of his sins and sought to make restitution. I think if you re-read Scriptures with our current president in mind, you’ll see a closer resemblance to David’s immediate predecessor.

  • Sean
    October 6, 2020at11:12 pm

    Unfortunately, he cares little for the people who have already been born.

    • Preston Brooks
      October 7, 2020at4:41 pm

      Be honest. You’re not pro life. You’re pro fetus. You dont give a rat’s ass about those babies once they are born.

      • Angela
        October 11, 2020at9:39 pm

        Exactly!! She doesn’t care about people.. about kindness… or about the fact that Americans are dying by the hundreds every single day on trumps watch. “It is what it is” right? Why is it the one point she is voting for the one thing she did herself? Is that the guilt eating her alive that she killed her fetus? This is no secret… and I am not judging.. but man oh man.. the irony in this post is palatable.

        • Jenny
          October 22, 2020at11:47 am

          You cant just blame the President for the global pandemic that has affected millions of people. why is it that media, social media and Hollywood is always against conservative values. Have you ever lived in a major city as a conservative? Do you know how badly conservatives are treated for not agreeing with liberals on everything. Trump didn’t create the hate of the left…. he has revealed it. People like you support radical marxist organization that are destroying over country.

          Check this out
          so you’ll know why people are voting for Trump.

  • Geoff mosser
    October 7, 2020at12:07 am

    Yet you’re fine with letting him put Children in cages with no medical care are using stem cells because he doesn’t feel well with. He also let 200000 people die To stroke his own ego

    • Mary Quesenberry
      October 8, 2020at5:38 am

      1) He doesn’t put kids in cages – Obama did that,! President Trump has provided housing for them.
      2) President Trump isn’t against stem cell research on adult or umbilical cord blood stem cells, which have both been proven beneficial – he’s against using fetal stem cells because a baby has to die for that to happen and there’s no scientific proof of beneficial outcomes in their use.
      3). Over 200k people have NOT died from COVID-19; that number has been inflated by Demoncrats who would love to oust our President. They have counted people who have died in car crashes, surgeries that didn’t end well, etc. etc. etc. Since when has medical staff checked a person who died obviously from everything else, for a virus AFTER they’re dead?! NEVER! But they’ve done it for THIS virus so they could add falsely to the number who had COVID when they died! Ridiculous!!
      You need to get your information right and ask yourself how you could vote for those who have so blatantly used lies to oust a man for their own personal agenda. Sick and wrong!!

      • Kimberly Martindale
        October 11, 2020at7:42 am

        Very well said. 💯 % correct!! 😊

  • Marie
    October 7, 2020at12:44 am


  • Linda Roberson
    October 7, 2020at1:44 am

    Trump has taken so much disrespect and so many lies, I ‘m sure he had to jump in to defend himself..Remember it was 2 against 1.

  • David Cederquist
    October 7, 2020at6:44 am

    Amen to that. Well said.

  • Christine Spear
    October 7, 2020at9:29 am

    so as long as he overturns Roe vs Wade you don’t care what else he does. Doing away with the AHC, Social Security, Environmental protections. No matter how many more lies he tells.
    I will vote BIDEN..

    • Sarika
      October 22, 2020at12:00 pm

      Biden has been in politics for 47 years and only thing he has accomplished is that he wrote a crime bill which lead to mass incarceration of millions of innocent Americans. If you keep believing the fake news, you’re the problem. Didn’t Harris called Biden a racist in the Debates? you’re are that kid that tosses the Monopoly board in the air when you’re not winning.

  • Marti Eads
    October 7, 2020at1:18 pm

    If you want a truly pro-life candidate, please check out Brian Carroll with the American Solidarity Party. He’s a candidate you can admire as a professional, husband, parent, church member, and human being with a platform that will make you proud.

  • Michael Swanson
    October 7, 2020at7:10 pm

    He doesn’t care. He just took drugs for Coronavirus that are made using stem cells from a fetus. You are being lied to.

  • Elle
    October 7, 2020at7:35 pm

    Hi! I’m a Christian woman voting for Biden. I hear you, but being pro-life is a calling to protect ALL lives. Trump has 25+ sexual assault allegations against him. Please be cognizant that this man does not protect every life. If you choose to vote for him because he will not vote for abortion to be legal, fine. But do not say he protects all lives.

  • Mary Quesenberry
    October 8, 2020at5:47 am

    I’m with you, Lisa! A pro-life President and anyone else running for office will ALWAYS get my vote. If they’re following God’s command on that issue, everything else will work out. When we honor God, He blesses us! And our nation could use some of that blessing right now! We need to get rid of all those who would take our nation down into the abyss of anti-God Communism!!!! We need to repent of our wicked ways as a nation and ask God to forgive and heal our land before it’s too late!!!

  • Kat
    October 8, 2020at8:47 am

    That’s great that he wants to fight for the unborn. But what about the ones that are alive that he caged and kept from their parents that are being sexually abused?

  • David
    October 9, 2020at3:50 am

    Just Says things where better!

  • Dustin Puckett
    October 10, 2020at3:57 pm

    Statistically speaking. If you want less abortions, you should vote democrat. Abortion rates drop under democrats but go up under Republicans because Republicans dont like birth control. Also does it really make sense to screw over the entire country for fetuses?

    • Sara Beth
      October 11, 2020at12:14 pm

      Yes! Let’s talk about birth control, sex education, supporting pregnant women, lowering barriers to adoption, etc. That’s how you reduce abortion,
      that’s how you support life. Banning abortion doesn’t stop it. It’s time to change the debate to one of best practices to lowering the need of abortion.

    • Sam
      October 22, 2020at11:55 am

      There are multipe reasons why people are tired of democrats.

      1) They use minorities to get votes but have nothing to offer once they are in power.

      2) The greatest irony of a “liberal mindset” is not respecting an opposite point of view.

      3) They have been manipulating the world for years. Movies, music, media.

      4) The election of Donald Trump did not create the left’s hate…. it revealed it

      5) Just look at all major cities across America, democrats have failed millions of Americans.

  • Thomas White
    October 21, 2020at2:09 pm

    I saw a couple of 1984 Thompson Chain Bibles online and thought you would be interested. These are the links:
    I wasn’t sure how to get the links to you. The contact form on here would not work. I also sent you a message on Instagram.

  • Jose
    October 22, 2020at11:49 am

    People who are against President Trump need to check this out:

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