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Satan Buries Us in Feelings of Guilt and Shame, but You Are Never Too Far Gone for God

By: Al Robertson

Dad’s new book, “Uncanceled,” is out now, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the response it’s gotten.  We’ve included an excerpt at the end of this blog just to give you a taste.

People from all over America are looking for an alternative to the hatefulness of cancel culture, and his book speaks directly to that desire. What makes Dad’s approach so unique is that he doesn’t call on Christians to react to the people on the other side with an even stronger, more violent response. Instead, he encourages all of us to first seek intimacy with our heavenly Father, allowing his wisdom to guide us. He makes the point that only people who have put their faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross can navigate successfully through the quagmire of cancel culture.

As I was reading the book, I started thinking that what he’s really writing about is how to face all the junk that Satan throws at us trying to destroy our relationships.  And the truth is, whether we are talking about a society or a marriage, all relationships are broken the same way. Satan always uses accusations, shame, and condemnation to convince people that they should abandon love as their guiding principle in their relationships.

Ironically, that is this book’s subtitle: “Finding meaning and peace in a culture of accusations, shame, and condemnation.” It really does speak more to this than anything else.

I know that the ministry that Lisa and I have been entrusted with is about marriage and not cancel culture. But Dad makes such a good point that cancel culture is just another way of describing a worldview that doesn’t put a premium on working hard to trust Christ to empower us to maintain unity and intimacy in our relationships. So, it is easy for us to recommend it for people who want stronger marriages.

We think that you will especially enjoy the emphasis on how Satan uses our inner thoughts to strap us with feelings of guilt and shame. We’ve discussed this tactic of the Evil One that is designed to destroy our hope, but you can rest assured that this is not God’s design for your life.

If I had to summarize “Uncanceled,” this is what I would say — it is a book about the amazing God we serve and the GOOD NEWS that we don’t have to live in despair anymore.  We can live victoriously in Christ who heals our hearts that were broken by the lies of the Evil One as he tries to persuade us that we are too far gone for God.

Lisa and I hope that you get a copy and read it thoroughly. We are certain that you will be energized in your desire to seek that God whose love for you is so deep, wide, high, and long that it is beyond your comprehension.

From “Uncanceled: Finding Meaning and Peace in a Culture of Accusations, Shame, and Condemnation” by Phil Robertson:

Trust me when I tell you, we’ve seen it all. Searchers! All of them were searching. But for what? They usually didn’t know.

And while their behaviors varied, they all looked the same to me. You could almost imagine they had neon signs dangling from their bowed necks: “I am guilty! If you knew only half of what I’ve done, you wouldn’t love me. In fact, you wouldn’t even speak to me.” In their minds, these signs were perpetually shining as constant reminders of their worthlessness. The inner voice of guilt and shame said, You are a failure! You are trash! You are guilty!

It is a horrible cycle, to be sure. People have always had the tendency to be sinful. But ever since we told God to take a hike, one of the casualties is that we have lost the ability to navigate safely through life. As I’ve pointed out, the absence of God—even though he’s not actually absent but ignored—means we are disconnected from truth and reality. Without someone greater than ourselves to guide our steps, we lose connection with the one reality that actually tells us what our true worth is. When we don’t acknowledge that we bear the image of God, how can we find our actual value?

Perhaps the most devastating casualty of evicting God from our culture is that, without him, we have no path to redemption. In a godless world, once we’ve crossed the line, there is no way back. From that point on, we are defined in our minds and in the eyes of society by our sins. We tell ourselves, I am a drug addict! I am a whore! I am an alcoholic! I am a failure at marriage! I am—You get the point. Just fill in the blank with whatever negative image Satan has convinced you is true.

Once he has us defining ourselves by our sin, Satan proceeds to convince us that we are too far gone for God. “How could God love you after what you’ve done?” “Look at you! You’re a mess!” “You are beyond hope.”

But God created us with an ability to feel guilt and shame. They are designed to be warnings that we are on the wrong path, that we have wandered away from what will truly fulfil us, from the desire to know, love, and obey God our Father. But Satan? He’s pretty good at hijacking what God intended for good and using guilt and shame to our detriment. Instead of guilt and shame warning us to turn around, the Evil One uses these gifts to convince us there is no turning back.