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The Answer for Everything

By: Al Robertson

Lisa and I watch a little cable news from time to time, and I’ll admit — we are concerned for the country we deeply love. As we said a few weeks ago, it feels like we are sitting on a powder keg. And while we’re not afraid (because of our core belief that God is real), we are sad that there is so much anger, brokenness, and rage just bubbling up all over.

But to be honest, we’ve been tormented in our souls for many years. Since the very first day that God laid it on our hearts to speak truth into broken marriages and family relationships, we’ve seen the carnage that results from people abandoning the truth of God and embracing the lies that Satan throws their way. And for certain, we understand that it’s easy to believe the Evil One because he tells us exactly what we want to hear — that we can throw God off of the throne and put ourselves in his place. Then we can be in charge.

Sadly, that strategy fails 100% of the time — it’s always an epic fail. There are no exceptions. And it breaks our hearts that we believed him at one time. It breaks our hearts to see people we love buying his lies, hook, line, and sinker.

We don’t know if America can recover — that’s above our pay grade. What we do know is that there is hope for anyone who wants to rise above the politics of the day and live in peace with God and mankind. It’s simple — a message that changes lives and actually has the potential to change cultures. No wonder the Bible calls this message THE GOSPEL (the Good News).

Here it is in a nutshell.

No One Is Too Far Gone For God To Heal!

If you are thinking that you have arrived at the place of no return — that there’s no way that God could ever heal your broken life — I want to encourage you to retrieve your Bible from its hiding place, dust it off, and read about David, Peter, and the woman caught in the act of adultery (you can find that one in John 8).

David committed adultery with his friend’s wife, and when he found out she was pregnant, he arranged for him to be placed in the exact spot in battle where he would be killed. Peter, when Jesus was on trial for his life, denied (with a string of curse words) that he was a friend of Jesus, that he even know the man. The woman who was caught in the act of adultery had Jesus for a defense attorney, and she was acquitted. In fact, his defense was so thorough that he humiliated her accusers.

But God later said that David was a man after his own heart. Peter became one of the central figures in taking the message of the gospel to the known world.

No, you ARE NOT TOO FAR GONE FOR GOD! You can bank on that.

Jesus Came To Save Sinners

Even though he had always been in heaven with the Father, he surrendered his privileges, became a human being, suffered temptation (just like you and me), and became a servant of mankind. But the kind of servant he became was unlike one who does the bidding of his master. He’s didn’t come to be my yard boy or to clean the pool. No, he came to provide for me what I need most — HOPE! Cleansing from guilt and shame!

He Died In Our Place

When I displaced God from his throne (I didn’t do that in reality — that’s impossible. I only did it in my heart), I became a traitor to God and his kingdom. And a sentence was immediately pronounced on me — THE DEATH PENALTY!

Unfortunately, there is no way that I could make things right again by doing enough good deeds. Once the sentence is handed out, it is permanent. But when Jesus came, he came with one purpose in mind — to die in my place.

He Was Raised From The Dead

Had Jesus stayed in the grave, I would have never known whether or not his sacrifice was good enough to take away my guilt and the resulting shame that prevented me from approaching my Father in heaven. However, he did not stay in the grave. He was raised by the power of God. This means that we don’t have to wonder anymore about whether or not his sacrifice is sufficient to wipe our record clean. If God can raise a dead man, he has the power and authority to eradicate my guilt too.

He Went Back to Heaven To Sit Next To The Father

Why is this important? Well, remember the woman we mentioned earlier who was caught in bed with a man who wasn’t her husband? Remember how Jesus became her lawyer and defended her against those who wanted to stone her to death? That’s what he does now. When Satan accuses us and tries to convince us that we have gone too far, we can take confidence and comfort in knowing that Jesus is defending us against the lies of Satan. It’s as if he’s saying, “Nope! He’s one of mine! His record is clean!”

He’s Coming Back For Us!

This is the prize of all prizes! We didn’t do a single thing to get us out of trouble with the law. Christ did ALL of the heavy lifting. In fact, he did all of the lifting, heavy or not. The only thing we did was to believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead and confess with our mouths that Jesus is LORD (Master)!

And because our hope is in Jesus, he will return, raise our dead bodies from the grave, and take us to be with him forever.

So What?

So in the midst of the storm, if America blows up tomorrow, if we lose our liberties and all of our possessions, Christ is still raised from the grave and he still sits at the Father’s right hand. He’s still coming back to give us eternal life.

So in this story, I know four things: (1) I know how I got here. (2) I know what went wrong with me! (3) I know who can heal me. (4) And now I know where I’m going. This is the only story that can truly give me peace in the middle of all the wickedness I see around me.

And if enough people in America repent and turn to God, believing that Christ is raised from the dead, it can change our country. But even if the rest of them don’t turn, Lisa and I are still on the path to a meaningful and fulfilling life. We’ll be more than okay.

Won’t you join us?

(Note: We will provide an outline with scripture next week.)

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay