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Sister Roar

In Sister Roar, Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay and her daughter-in-law Lisa empower their sisters in faith to discover their true voices, build genuine sisterhood, and live their strongest, happiest, most fulfilled lives–all centered around the only One who loves perfectly–Jesus.

Women’s voices need to be heard–now more than ever. Through faith-filled, poignant, and sometimes hilarious stories about the sisterhood they’ve built with each other and with other women they’ve met on their journey, Kay and Lisa’s scripture-infused message will help readers overcome loneliness, disappointment, and past mistakes.

Readers will learn how to identify their unique roar; laugh and cry as they hear Miss Kay and Lisa’s stories of healed heartbreaks and God’s transformation of each of their voices; meet beloved women of the Bible, such as Lydia and the woman at the well; and discover a place of sisterhood where they can be themselves and be loved for who they are.

Sister Roar is sure to encourage every woman who wants to find her voice, build community, and experience a fulfilling life. Ultimately, Miss Kay and Lisa’s desire is to share the life-changing love and mercy of Jesus. This is their love letter to their sisters everywhere.

Desperate Forgiveness

Duck Dynasty stars Al and Lisa Robertson were desperate for their love to survive — and with God’s help, they realized the only answer to marital and family betrayal is all-consuming, life-altering, desperate forgiveness. In their new book, they share this message with anyone who wants to exchange broken relationships for healing.

The Robertsons know what they’re talking about: They have lived through the pain of adultery and lack of communication in their marriage. And thanks to the healing they’ve experienced, they now help other couples find their own path to forgiveness.

This former pastor of 22 years and his wife want you to arrive at a place where you, too, can give and receive forgiveness and find the beauty of reconciliation.

By sharing true stories from friends and family, as well as biblical examples, Desperate Forgiveness provides the support you’ll need on the hard road to forgiveness. You’ll learn about the necessity and power of humility; the freedom found in letting go of bitterness; and the restoration and reclamation on the other side of desperation. Al and Lisa Robertson are living proof that choosing and living out forgiveness is worth the effort. Let Desperate Forgiveness show you the way to a changed life and revitalized marriage.

Dysfunction to Dynasty: Al & Lisa Robertson

God Can Redeem Your Marriage
``Simply put, reconciliation is the idea that things and people that are broken can be put back together.``
~ Al Robertson

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Al & Lisa speak across the country at churches, marriage retreats and pregnancy centers, encouraging couples in their marriage and families with wisdom and truth from their own past struggles.

Al is one of the most dynamic preachers you will hear today. Not afraid of opening the Bible and speaking the truth—he is popular speaker for special event and Sunday morning services wherever he goes.

When time allows, Al & Lisa counsel couples who are struggling to make their marriage work by helping them overcoming barriers of forgiveness and resentment that will ultimately help led them to restoration and healing. Spots are limited.

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The candidness of Al and Lisa's life story on the pages of [Desperate Forgiveness] is often shocking! I needed to exhale! And apply their testimony of forgiveness to my own life for the big and small things. This book is about as clear as it gets about forgiveness.

– Amazon Reviewer

I met you in Arkansas back in the fall when you came to the Men Sharpening Men conference. I talked to you after about how your book helped saved me from doing something stupid and you gave me a Desperate Forgiveness book. I absolutely loved it and have read it twice now. It is like you wrote the book for me. I really appreciate the time you took talking to me and giving me a book. I feel like your books kept me from doing something stupid and helped me save my marriage. I have also been listening to the podcast and glad y'all went to twice a week. Your family really is great.

– Heath Jones

Transparent, open, and easy to read. Al and Lisa do not make excuses for their (many) drama-filled choices and experiences. That's one thing I really appreciated. It is a love story that has amazingly made it through some really, really awful times. I think what I like most is the way this story gives readers a glimpse of how great God is. How else can you explain how they made it through one bad choice after another

– Cindi Mallin

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50% of Very Happy Couples agree with the statement, ``God is at the center of our marriage


30% of Struggling Couples disagree with the statement, ``God is at the center of our marriage.``


35 % of ``active conservative protestants`` are less likely to divorce than those with no religious preferences


``Nominal`` Christians, are actually 20% more likely than the general population to get divorced